Biogas plants technology

Our company has long term experience with service activities on biogas plants technologies. We are equipped personally and also with know how for offering good quality complex service on many kinds of components of biogas plants.

We offer following:

  • Complex maintenance works for biogas plants technology
  • Spare parts and BGP components delivery
  • Delivery and maintenance of pumping equipment Wangen
  • Maintenance of compressors
  • Maintenance of wiring
  • Delivery, maintenance and calibration of biogas analyzers INCA
  • Service HOT LINE according to customer needs
  • Optimization and upgrade
  • Biology support and delivery of custom prepared additives to improve biology process
  • Consultancy, analysis, measuring and opinions
  • Maintenance, upgrade, adjustments and backup of control software
  • Operational visualizations
  • Service, delivery and parametrization of measuring technology
  • Works in explosive and unbreathable environment
  • Works at heights
  • Independent technical supervision
  • Delivery of operation documents for BGP according to legislation (operation manuals, revisions, emergency manuals, fire documentation)
  • Delivery of project documentation
  • Custom production of BGP components
  • Delivery, installation and service of solid feeders for BGP
  • Delivery, installation and service of biogas compressors
  • Maintenance and realization of gas piping
  • System of maintenance/changing/renewal of agitation equipment inside of tanks without emptying “RePowering Pipe”