Mobile energy units rental

We offer renting of mobile energy units; within our offer we have a wide range of units to rent. The power capacity varies according to energy units:

  • from 500 kW to 1000 kW electric power from gas cogeneration
  • from 50 kW to 10,000 kW for the warm water and hot water area
  • from 500 kg/h to 16,000 kg/h in the saturated steam and hot steam area
  • as well as from 70 kW to 750 kW for cooling systems.

The modular application of our mobile heating units or mobile energy units allows an almost arbitrary adaptation of performance capacity to the corresponding energy requirements of the customer.

Apart from energy generating systems we provide other components to our customers such as: hose systems, pressure maintaining systems, feed water tanks, domestic hot water modules, pump modules, heat exchangers, mobile hot air generators etc.

Our offer is completed by heating units of different sizes for warm water and hot water supply, saturated steam and hot steam plants, water chillers and heating oil tank installations.