Control Systems and Visualization for Biogas Plants

  • The company’s focus also includes installation, repairs and maintenance of MaR and control systems, automation and SW solutions
  • We perform automation on the Siemens Simatic platform series S5-95, S5-100, S5-115, S5-135 and S5-155, as well as S7200, S7300, S7400, S71200 and S71500
  • We perform visualization and control on all types of Siemens control and display panels and also on the PC platform in visualization software WinCC, InTouch, etc.
  • As part of the implementation of the control system, a wide range of values can be measured and displayed, which can be further stored in a database, displayed in graphs or tables and exported in various formats according to customer requirements (Excel, Word…)
  • As standard, our systems also include automatic fault signalling functions in the form of a telephone call, SMS or email
  • We are engaged in the implementation of complete systems for measuring physical quantities (temperature, pressure, flow rate, level…) with regard to the operating conditions of sensors (explosive or aggressive environments), especially at biogas plants
  • We provide one-time or automatic backups of control systems and measured data in case of failure and loss of control over the control system