Sale and Service of Biogas Analysers

No matter what anyone may say, a well-functioning and regularly calibrated biogas analyzer with data archiving and connection to the biogas plant control system is essential for the quality operation of each biogas plant. The composition of biogas is the first and simplest indicator of the state of the biological process in a biogas plant and, if interpreted correctly, it can predict impending problems in time. Archiving of data from the analyzer, in conjunction with other data from the operation, such as the production of cogeneration units, gas flow, or the amount of input raw materials, will help evaluate the overall efficiency of the operation.

Our company is engaged in the sale, installation and complete service of stationary INCA biogas analyzers from a renowned German company UNION Instruments GmbH, which ranks among the best in the world thanks to their variability and accuracy. INCA analyzers have a high variability of use according to the installation site (outdoor/indoor installation, dry/wet gas, up to 9 sampling points) and especially the required parameters of the measured gas. They can be used according to the customer’s request to measure the following components in various combinations:

  • Methane
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen sulphide
  • Hydrogen
  • Combustible gases (Propane, Butane…)

Do not hesitate to ask us to assess a suitable model for your installation or to service an existing equipment.