Sale and Installation of Biogas Plant Components

We are engaged in the supply and installation of components for the operation of biogas plants, whether it is the optimization of operation, replacement of older unsuitable equipment or the repair of improperly designed installations or equipment.

We supply and install particularly the following:

  • Flue gas exchangers, bypasses and flue gas catalysts, including accessories
    (we will propose a suitable technical solution, including the preparation of project documentation)
  • Equipment for gas transport and treatment – gas blowers, active drying, mechanical filters, activated carbon filters
  • Heat exchangers
  • Excess heat coolers, fans
  • Equipment for the treatment of compressed air – filtration, dewatering to prevent freezing
  • Pumping technology, including the design of a suitable pump
  • Mixing technology – replacement with the same type, replacement with a more suitable type or addition of missing agitators (without the need to drain the contents of the tank – “Repowering Pipe”)
  • Membrane gas holders for fermenters without a fixed roof, including accessories
  • Components for measurement and control – gas meters, electricity meters, sensors for measuring quantities at biogas plants (temperature, pressure, flow rate)