Cleaning and Overhaul of Biogas Plant Fermenters

After a certain period of operation of the biogas plant fermenters, ballast material (clay, sand, stones…) accumulates especially in the primary fermenters, which reduces the effective space of the tank and causes problems during its operation. There are problems with mixing or heating the substrate, and the tank equipment, especially the mixing technology, is often damaged. In this case, the tank must be drained and the ballast material removed. We deal with this cleaning and, in connection with that, also with the repair and overhaul of interior equipment – mixing, heating, piping… Do not unnecessarily lose efficient space of the fermenter and thus the residence time for the decomposition of the substrate, do not wait for the internal equipment to be damaged, have the fermenter cleaned in time.

We also perform work with the help of commercial divers for local repairs below the surface of the substrate or checks of the amount of ballast material.