Mechanical Service of Biogas Plants

What to do if there is a problem?

It is best to ensure that the problem does not occur at all! After all, every hour of downtime or insufficient power in your biogas plant costs money. This is the purpose of our routine maintenance programme tailored to each biogas plant and ensuring the trouble-free operation of all equipment.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what your equipment needs. We offer all the services that ensure the reliable operation of all mechanical components, and we are here for you, even if things are not working as they should.

Typical examples of our service of mechanical components at biogas plants:

  • Replacement and maintenance of agitators
  • Repairs of pumps and drives
  • Repairs of solid substrate dispensers
  • Replacement of screw conveyors for substrates, including drives
  • Installation and repairs of film covers and gas holders
  • Repairs of piping
  • Installation and maintenance of heating systems in fermentation tanks
  • Work at heights and in an unbreathable environment
  • Cleaning of clogged pipes

Our service engineers manage the entire fermentation process from the mechanical point of view and they will find solutions to every problem.

But we are also your reliable partner for the supply of spare parts with a constantly expanding stock. And if anything is not in stock, it can still be yours in a short time thanks to our quality long-term supplier relationships.

Service hotline: +420 314 002 531